Advertising banners over the streets


Requirements for the banner:

  • Banner dimensions: height 0,75 m., width – 7 m.
  • Bored (with holes) tilt material are used for the banners.
  • The banner shall be with the openings reinforced with metal rims over the top and the bottom of the banner every 30-40 cm and at the sides every 36 cm – a total of 3 openings to hang the banner.
  • The printing shall be on the both sides of the banner (double-sided banner).

Note: The color brightness is reduced by 20% on the perforated tilt material due to translucence of the banner. It is necessary to take account to this fact when preparing the layout.



Offer conditions:

  • Rent two banners and get third for free.
  • There is only fee for hooking/unhooking the banner.
  • The display  period  of all three banners should be the same.

The place for free banners will be suggested by JSC " Vilniaus viešasis transportas".

Banners places in the city you can find here.

Contact us by email:

Call us: (8 5) 239 4752; 239 4798; mob. nr.: 8 655 46687