Rent of recreational trolleybuses and buses

JSC “Vilniaus viešasis transportas” rents recreational trolleybuses or buses for trips round Vilnius and coaches for travels in Lithuania or Europe.
Rent conditions. All vehicles can be decorated before hiring. All buses have MP3/DVD access; Skoda TR 9 has electric installation, where you can connect your equipment. Minimum order time - one hour. Next hour can be calculated in half an hour intervals. Booking time is calculated from the vehicle`s exit until its return to the depot. The routes are combined before the order. Vehicles are rent only when payed in advance.   
JSC „Vilniaus viešasis transportas“ rents recreational trolleybuses for trips to Vilnius city.
It`s an excellent idea of leisure and unforgettable moments for you! It`s suitable for different occasions: guest meeting, family parties, birthdays, weddings, hen parties, conferences, employee trips ant other.
We offer two types of trolleybuses – Skoda 9 TrSkoda 14 Tr
Please contact us for inquiries on recreational trolleybuses: (8 5) 2394 776, 8 650 57766
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Transport for rent

1494500443_0_tr9-b048c4a0f56e4b2ff483665be24fc93d.jpg TR9 33 seats 1:88,1.30:117,2:146,2.30:175,3:204,3.30:233,4:269,4.30:291,5:320
1494500467_0_tr14-e48278674aae6ac6dd04049bdbdcf60b.jpg TR14 33 seats 1:88,1.30:117,2:146,2.30:175,3:204,3.30:233,4:269,4.30:291,5:320

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